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So, I on my Wattpad I have started a new Assassin's Creed FanFic. Please feel free to check it out!
Here's the link:…

And also, let me know if I should also post it onto Deviantart!
Like Fish (re-creation) by ShadowCaster-635
Like Fish (re-creation)
Let me start off by saying that this is not a piece of original work by any means! The original artist is Humberto Castro, a famed Cuban Painter. (#goteamcuba ) I studied his works and did a presentation about him around last year for my Spanish class, and one of the requirements for getting the grade was to re-draw one of the artists works. So, since I'm a looser and a sucker for anything dealing or seeming to deal with mermaids, I chose to do this piece. 
His other works are amazing and I suggest you check them out on his website. 
This, however, was done, by hand, on gimp, with hours and hours of pain and sweat and tears and agony cause holy fuck I was really rusty when I was using that program. 

The original image is an oil painting, and this was done on Gimp, where as the outline was done on MS Paint. It was a big fucking pain in the ass, lemme tell you!

OA (c) Humberto Castro
Recreation (c) me
Like Fish (c) Humberto Castro (… )

Constructive Criticism is highly appreciated! Lemme know what you think!
Okay, so I've had a hella long ass hiatus. God! What happened to me? xD That's just pathetic. Anywho, despite school work and such, I'll see if I can find more and more time for here. I finally have some things cleared up. Glad to be back, guys!


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I'm your typical teenage girl that loves Anime. Aside anime, I'm a music lover and music is my life.

I'm a total Hetalia, BlackButler, Vocaloid, Mew Mew Power, Sailor Moon fan, and If I could remember any other Anime related things that I fangirled over, I would list them... but I can't remember.


Fandoms I'm in: :iconhetalia1plz::iconhetalia2plx: , :iconhomestuck-stamps:

I Roleplay. A LOT. I picked it up a few years ago and I really enjoy myself... I just don't do smutt/sex cause I then I feel awkward...


I enjoy writing fan fictions and often get Really into them, but sometimes i loose the inspiration and i just stop... then I go on some out-of-the-blue YouTube search looking up the most random things and then suddenly: BAM! Inspiration!

Some hobbies are drawing, roleplaying, writing, swimming, dancing, eating, singing, sleeping, reading... I said sleeping, right?


I have an amazing family that loves me and i love them back! I have awesome friends that i always see everyday, and i'm thankful for that.

I'm Hispanic. I do speak Spanish and often times I will go into random fits were I only speak Spanish. It's kinda fun to confuse people with a different language! ^-^

This is my daddy Country. He needs more love.

I also have the craziest, dorkiest, most amazing little bunch of friends ever and I don't know where I'd be if I would have never shown off my weirdness towards them so they would know that there was another weird person that was equal to their weirdness! :D :iconmstamagirl::iconlovethe-loveless::iconbluepika4::iconpunkrock519::iconpoptartfriend::iconchibialfredfjones: <<<<< YOU KNOW I LOVE YOU!!!!

But, yeah, that's pretty much it about me :D

So, while :iconaerhopefulplz: and I were speaking on Skype no later that two minutes ago, she was talking to be about how this anime she was watching was like HetaOni. So then I got looking up if there was going to be the release for the next chapter because if there was and it was already posted, I was going to go on a HetaOni marathon for god knows how long until I got to the newest chapter. As far as I know, I have no idea what's going on update wise, but me being myself, I went on a HetaOni music hunt and found myself crying like a little baby to what I've heard so far and what I'm hearing now. 

The lesson you can learn from this post: If you don't wanna cry every time you read HetaOni headcannons, Don't get into HetaOni. If you do, that's okay. We'll gather up other people and cry together!

:iconhetaoniamericasadplz: << Just like that!

And we'll scream every time we see Steve>> :iconhetaoniplz:

Now excuse me while I go get cookies and continue to cry


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