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WARNING: Cursing and the concept of being in a life threatening situation. Should such an event be triggering to you, I beg that you do not read this little story.

Meeting the Spaniard had been one of the most joyous of things that could have ever happened to you. It was at a party; Francis Bonnefoy had invited you.

A black tie event.

He had wanted company, and found girls that hounded around him annoying. So, he had shipped a little black dress to you and told you when he would pick you up.
It was last minute, and you were ready to decline the offer. However, once Francis shot you one of his apologetic looks, and his big blue eyes doubled in size, you couldn't think of anything other than to acompany him to the party after his meeting.

It was at the gala that he introduced you to the charming Spaniard. Antonio, he had said, as he took your hand with his free hand - the other was holding a glass of wine - and kissed your knuckles gently, like a predator nudging his prey. His eyes, greener than emeralds, you thought, were what gave him an edgy appearence. With a smile that counteracted the dangerous look in his eyes, you knew that this man had you completely infatuated, and all he had to do was speak his name with that alluring Spanish accent and peck your hand.

The years passed, and as you grew to know the man, you soon found that he had a personality that shined brighter than any star in the universe, and that his cooking was to die for!
His laugh - Oh, his laugh - was contageous, and was enough to make any bad day turn into a grand one. You even contemplated recording his laughter just to hear when you were so  upset. ( lol you creep xD )

That was one of the beautiful things about Antonio Fernandez, which you called Antonio Fernandez Carriedo whenever you really wanted to get his attention: He had this aura around him that allowed him to bring a smile onto one's face without having to even open his mouth.  
He had truly become a good friend of yours, and you a good friend of his.

Your encounters with the country were rare ones, since both of you lived such busy lives. Him, dealing with political and economic affairs, and you, being a photographer. Usually, you saw the man whenever Francis asked you to accompany him on an after-meeting-party that would be hosted every-so-often. Regardless of the rarity of seeing eachother face to face, you both still kept in touch through text and phone calls.

However, time passed and you stopped hearing from Antonio. Stopped recieving calls, texts, emails, random notifications saying that he had tagged you in a funny picture on Facebook. You asked Francis what was going on, only to discover that Antonio was going through a depression spill, but to not worry, because he was in good hands.
But you did worry.

Your boss had recently sent you an email, explaining that for the newest shoot, he wanted you to travel all over spain Spain to capture photos for the Love edition of the project you and your people were working on. The hotels had already been booked, and you were quick to say yes.
So, two weeks in Spain.

You managed to snag photos of intricate and eyecatching scenery, fountains, flowers, and people. The night life was where, you believed, you were able to truly capture the romanticism - the passion - that came to mind when one thought of Spain.

You submitted your photos, your edits, and took advantage of the extra vacation time.

No matter how hard you attempted to contact Antonio, to come and pay him a visit, you had no luck.
So there you were, sitting on the couch of your hotel on a Saturday night, entertained by Pinterest, when your cellphone rang. You picked up the phone, your eyes still glued onto the screen of your laptop and said, "Hello."

"________? This is Lovino," said a baratone voice with a thick, Italian accent. 'Lovino! Why did I never think of calling HIM for the damned directions?' you scolded yourself, ashamed and embarrassed at how you hadn't thought of contacting him.

"Hey, Lovi. What's up?" you asked, leaning back on the cushions of the couch.

"Uh, I sort of have a favor to ask of you," he groaned. There was shuffling in the back of the phone as he spoke.

"You're good friends with the bastard, si?"

Your brows furrowed in confusion and you replied with, "Who?"


"Oh," you breathed. "Yeah, I am. Why?"

"That's great! I need you to, uh, keep him company tonight. You know about the situation, right?" There was the sound of something zipping.

Was he getting dressed?

"Yeah, I know about it... Wait, why can't you watch over him?" you asked, tilting your head to the side, looking down at the keyboard of your laptop.

"What? You don't feel like seeing the tomato bastard when he's depressed, eh?" He sharply growled.

Your eyes went wide and you sat up straight, eyes flickering to the frame of a photo on the wall.

"No! It's not that!" you exclaimed, offended that he would ever assume such a thing. "It's just that you've been the one taking care of him and keeping tabs, and hearing that you need someone to fill in is kind of... surprising? Just tell me what's going on," You insisted, an angered breath puffing out of your nose as you shook your head.

'The nerve of Lovino Vargas, I swear...' you thought.

"My grandfather is dropping in for a visit, and... well, you know," he trailed off. You let out an understanding hum, nodding. "Yeah, that's perfectly fine. You're in luck, I'm in Spain right now. Can you give me the directions to his house?"

"Grazie! You're not so bad, ________." And with that, you quickly typed down the directions onto a note file, since you didn't have paper with you at the moment.

"Oh, and... uh, be careful, okay? Bastard has a tendency to drink when I'm not there, and you know how that can go," he explained. He shouted something in another language and there was the sound of a door closing.

"Thanks for the heads up... I'll get there as soon as I can," you said. After a few more exchange of words, such as there's food in the pantry, fresh tomatoes in the kitchen, and a goodbye, you hung up and hurried to get dressed.

Once you got a taxi service, you gave the driver the directions and he took you where you needed to go. It was a long drive, and it gave you time to think... such as: What did his house look like?
He used to post little snippets on Snapchat of his living room whenever he had company. God, his snaps were so cute. You also knew he had a lot of space, outside and inside. A pool. So, although you had a general idea of what his house looked like, and that it was big, the real question was how BIG was his house?

The driver pulled up to an iron gated fence. Beyond the gate was a huge, HUGE, mediterranian styled house. Bigger than any one you had ever seen. Terracotta colored roofing and a beige exterior. Protecting the house were rows and rows of armies of vegitation.
They were tall, and vine-like. Grapes? Tomatoes? Lovi mentioned freshly picked tomatoes. But you knew from past experiences that Antonio had brought you wine that he personally makes as gifts.
Maybe both? Oh, who knew?

With all the space that surrounded his house, he could probably have both and more growing.

You paid the fee, got out of the taxi, and opened the gate as the car drove away.
The house looked big from where you had been standing, but once you were at the door, you truly understood how large the house was. The house was decorated with beautiful garden surrounding the exterior walls. There was a fountain in the center of the turnabout in front of the house, which was also decorated beautifully with flowers.

There was a detour in the turnabout that allowed for cars to go to another part of the house, no doubt to park in a garage.

You looked at one of the potted plants that decorated the enternace and felt around in the dirt, trying to find a key.

"Gotcha," you muttered victoriously as you felt the cold metal in your grasp. Following that sensation, however, was a sting. You pulled your hand back and saw a small ant biting on your index finger. Cursing, you swatted the bug off and mummbled angrily as you unlocked the door.

Inside, you were greeted by tiled flooring. You slipped off your shoes, not wanting to dirty the house with loose clumps of dirt that could have gotten stuck to the soles of your shoes.
Wanting good traction, should you need to run, you also pulled off your socks and placed them in your shoes.

"Tony? It's me, ________!" You called out as you flicked on the lights, revealing the decorations of the house. Paintings of beautiful scenes, iron wall hangings, and mostly wooden tables. You walked  a little bit forward and saw the kitchen. There were a few empty bottles of wine sitting on the marble counter top.

"That can't be good," you sighed, letting out a soft, distressed groan.

"Come on, Tony! I know you're in here!" You yelled once again, walking to the living room.
There was an entire wall covered with bookshelves, and those bookshelves were covered with books.
A large couch of brown leather and a love-seat that matched sat around a wooden coffee table that had a few magazines, a vase full of withering carnations - that seemed to be white - and a couple of remotes scattered atop it's surface. Mounted on the wall in front of the couches was a large, flat-screen television that was surrounded by an entertainment system.

Off to the side, there was a recliner that could fit two people, and it sat a little ways away in front of the fire place. What made your stomach twist into knots was what was hanging above the mantle: A double faced battle axe.
How old could that weapon be? Hundereds of years old, probably. No doubt it was an antique, but the blades alone told you that it was anything but fragile.
"God dammit, Tony," you breathed, heading up the stairs. "If you're not coming out, I'm coming to find you!"

So, you checked the rooms upstairs. Many were ornate guest rooms, and there was one that was a study. His study, to be precise. You continued searching through the huge house until you finally came to a pair of double doors.

You entered, and saw a messy canopy bed, with red sheets scattered on the floor. The curtains to the long windows were drawn, and there was a stale sort of smell. You could also see another group of wine bottles scattered across the floor.

"Antonio?" You quietly asked, only to hear a cough echo out in the room.
Your eyes snapped over in the direction where the sound came from, and there were those eyes giving you the look of a predator glancing over his prey. "What are you doing here, Chica?" he asked, his words slurred.

'Uh oh,' you thought as you stood frozen in place. It was ten o'clock in the evening, and he was drunk.

How lovely.

"I-I came to k-keep you company, Tony," you replied, suddenly becoming very soft-spoken. You heard a chuckle escape his mouth and saw him stand up. At that, you took a step back. "How thoughtful," he replied, moving towards your form.

"Yup! You know me... always thinking of you," You laughed, not realizing what you had said, making your way out of his room while keeping him in front of you. His eyes remained cold, unexpressive, and the corners of his lips remained relaxed. There was no glint of a smile.

The aura of light and happiness that he carried was replaced with something that was no-where near any of those two things.

"Uhh... Tony?" Your heart was starting to drop to your stomach, and your stomach started to quiver.

"We're going to play hide and seek," he explained, closing the door of his bedroom behind him. "If I were you, ________, I would run and hide right about now," he whispered, his chin tilting down to the ground as his eyes looked over your body.

Your blood ran cold. "T-Tony...?"

"I said "Run." Now, run!" he growled. In a matter of seconds, you were at the end of the hallway and turning.

"Shit," you breathed out as you sprinted throughout the house. You pulled out your phone from your pocket and dialed Lovino's number. As it rang, you headed downstairs. Your best bet was to hide outside. The garage, maybe? No, he'd check there.

The vineyard? Yeah, you could do that.


"Lovi! We have a slight problem," you hissed, stepping off of the last step and heading towards the front door.

"What do you mean? A-Are you running?"

"Yes! He's a little bit more than drunk and he wants to play a little game!" you quietly exclaimed, finally rushing by the kitchen and towards the front door. You didn't even think about grabbing your shoes at this point.

"Oh, shit. Uh... okay, okay. Just, uh... tire him out? Yeah, that should help you. Get him tired, and then he'll be a little easier to manage."

"You're fucking kidding me!" Your said as you ran out of the house, your feet meeting the cold driveway. "He's a god-damned country! He could run a 50 K and only be a little out of breath!"

"Well unless you can fight him, I doubt you have any other options! And last time I checked, you're human, ragazza! So run!"

A hopeless groan escaped your lips as you hung up and tucked the phone in your bra. The next thing you knew, your feet came into contact with dirt. Cold, moistened dirt. Your surroundings were green, green, and more green.

"Stupid Italian, and stupid Spaniard for getting drunk, and stupid Lovi for not locking the damned wine cellar or whatever the hell they have their wine in," you huffed, moving as quickly as you could to get far away from the house.

Suddenly, you were skidding through the dirt, chest first. Your foot hurt. "Damn," you groaned, standing up and looking behind you. "H-How..."

"You're very slow, chica," spoke out Antonio, an amused smirk on his face. You scampered up to your feet and ran, weaving through the crops and plants to get away from the country.

"That's it!" he encouraged, his voice sounding out viciously through the foliage.

One foot in front of the other. One stride after another. Your legs were burning by now. Aching. The muscles were begging for a break, but at the same time forced themselves to move no matter what.

Sweat was building up on your hairline and falling down the sides of your face. A few beads of that salty liquid came onto your tongue; a reminder to keep going.

Leaves whipped against your arms as you sped past them, and the ground moved under your weight. It felt as though you were flying, your feet barely touched the ground from how fast you were going.
Your heart was beating strongly against your rib-cage, and your sides were starting to hurt. You were having trouble keeping up with your breath. 'Dammit, now I really wish I went to the gym!'

Finally, you couldn't take it any more. You had been running for a solid ten minutes. Or was it more than ten?

You slid down onto the floor and weaved between a some of the plants. You remained crouched down, well hidden by the foliage, and swallowed the lump that had formed in your throat. Breathing through your mouth as quietly as you could, you listened for Spain's footsteps.

However, you heard nothing. Had you really lost him? You couldn't stick around for too long to find out, honestly speaking. You needed to keep moving.

You pushed yourself back up and made yourself go forward. And you ran. And your ran. You ran for what felt like hours, but in the reality of it, you had been running for twenty minutes, alternating from sprinting to jogging.

You thought you were doing really good, too, avoiding Antonio.

You had heard rumors of how he got when he was drunk. Francis explained that he went back to a darker place in his mind. Gilbert, the narcissistic German, said that Antonio would loose himself and any pent up emotions go loose. Lovino would just say that it was best to keep Antonio away from alcohol, and even better to stay out of his way when he had a little bit too much.

Suddenly, there was an arm looped around your body, holding you back from moving an inch away. Your back was pressed up against a hard chest, and a hand had come around your mouth, muffling your screams.
~Cat And Mouse~ Dark!Spain x Reader
So, it's been a while since I've written fan fiction, specifically Hetalia based fan fiction, and this little thriller came to mind when I was taking a shower. (Imagine, all the best ideas come during a shower.) Hopefully you guys like it! 
Please, leave any comments, ideas, constructive criticism, or thoughts down below in the comment section! I love hearing from you guys! And let me know if I should continue this little short story. 

Thanks for the read, guys!

The photo does not belong to me! I simply found it on zerochan. Here is the original link to the photo:

Hetalia (c) Himaruya 
So, I on my Wattpad I have started a new Assassin's Creed FanFic. Please feel free to check it out!
Here's the link:…

And also, let me know if I should also post it onto Deviantart!
Like Fish (re-creation) by ShadowCaster-635
Like Fish (re-creation)
Let me start off by saying that this is not a piece of original work by any means! The original artist is Humberto Castro, a famed Cuban Painter. (#goteamcuba ) I studied his works and did a presentation about him around last year for my Spanish class, and one of the requirements for getting the grade was to re-draw one of the artists works. So, since I'm a looser and a sucker for anything dealing or seeming to deal with mermaids, I chose to do this piece. 
His other works are amazing and I suggest you check them out on his website. 
This, however, was done, by hand, on gimp, with hours and hours of pain and sweat and tears and agony cause holy fuck I was really rusty when I was using that program. 

The original image is an oil painting, and this was done on Gimp, where as the outline was done on MS Paint. It was a big fucking pain in the ass, lemme tell you!

OA (c) Humberto Castro
Recreation (c) me
Like Fish (c) Humberto Castro (… )

Constructive Criticism is highly appreciated! Lemme know what you think!
Okay, so I've had a hella long ass hiatus. God! What happened to me? xD That's just pathetic. Anywho, despite school work and such, I'll see if I can find more and more time for here. I finally have some things cleared up. Glad to be back, guys!


ShadowCaster-635's Profile Picture
Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
I'm your typical teenage girl that loves Anime. Aside anime, I'm a music lover and music is my life.

I'm a total Hetalia, BlackButler, Vocaloid, Mew Mew Power, Sailor Moon fan, and If I could remember any other Anime related things that I fangirled over, I would list them... but I can't remember.


Fandoms I'm in: :iconhetalia1plz::iconhetalia2plx: , :iconhomestuck-stamps:

I Roleplay. A LOT. I picked it up a few years ago and I really enjoy myself... I just don't do smutt/sex cause I then I feel awkward...


I enjoy writing fan fictions and often get Really into them, but sometimes i loose the inspiration and i just stop... then I go on some out-of-the-blue YouTube search looking up the most random things and then suddenly: BAM! Inspiration!

Some hobbies are drawing, roleplaying, writing, swimming, dancing, eating, singing, sleeping, reading... I said sleeping, right?


I have an amazing family that loves me and i love them back! I have awesome friends that i always see everyday, and i'm thankful for that.

I'm Hispanic. I do speak Spanish and often times I will go into random fits were I only speak Spanish. It's kinda fun to confuse people with a different language! ^-^

This is my daddy Country. He needs more love.

I also have the craziest, dorkiest, most amazing little bunch of friends ever and I don't know where I'd be if I would have never shown off my weirdness towards them so they would know that there was another weird person that was equal to their weirdness! :D :iconmstamagirl::iconlovethe-loveless::iconbluepika4::iconpunkrock519::iconpoptartfriend::iconchibialfredfjones: <<<<< YOU KNOW I LOVE YOU!!!!

But, yeah, that's pretty much it about me :D

So, while :iconaerhopefulplz: and I were speaking on Skype no later that two minutes ago, she was talking to be about how this anime she was watching was like HetaOni. So then I got looking up if there was going to be the release for the next chapter because if there was and it was already posted, I was going to go on a HetaOni marathon for god knows how long until I got to the newest chapter. As far as I know, I have no idea what's going on update wise, but me being myself, I went on a HetaOni music hunt and found myself crying like a little baby to what I've heard so far and what I'm hearing now. 

The lesson you can learn from this post: If you don't wanna cry every time you read HetaOni headcannons, Don't get into HetaOni. If you do, that's okay. We'll gather up other people and cry together!

:iconhetaoniamericasadplz: << Just like that!

And we'll scream every time we see Steve>> :iconhetaoniplz:

Now excuse me while I go get cookies and continue to cry


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